Dogs get treats, humans get alcohol.

In Uncategorized on August 4, 2014 at 6:58 pm

Day 8 has brought reflective thoughts which I feel I need to release;

For every occasion, birthday, event (good or bad) we as a society have a reason to drink alcohol. It is around every corner, in the bars you hang out at, restaurants you dine at, and at friends and families houses.

If you earn money and have a social life the chances are that you are confronted by alcohol allot. And not only that but you feel the need / pressure to consume to join in with whatever tradition / ritual allows you to.

But before you get to the event; whether it is getting ready or driving somewhere, those precious moments whilst your brain is not soaked in liquor, are the best moments.

It’s so exciting getting dressed up, putting make up on, listening to up beat sexy music to get you in the zone. Your only thought is that there are better things to come, the main event being alcohol, the secondary event being the party or the actual socialising.

The idea of alcohol is so appealing.

Nice cold wine / beer / champagne, a cocktail with the girls, a bottle with the boyfriend, a shot to get you in the mood.

It’s advertised in such a sexy, fun, sophisticated way, how could you resist?

If you don’t drink perhaps you are deemed uptight and uncool? Perhaps even less attractive?

Thats our fear. Thats my fear.

How can I socialise without hiding behind this image that I am the ‘crazy one’ or ‘the party starter’ or ‘the first to pull’

Sobriety is like socialising with a full length mirror attached to your hip.

‘Here I am. I have nothing to hide behind.’

You’re exposed for who you truly are.

And then you realise that those who care probably weren’t your friend anyway. They cheered you on when you were kissing that 50 year old hairy biker or taking your knickers off in public, but when it comes to life changing matters they don’t understand and never will.

But you on the other hand will wake up tomorrow and breathe air. Not distress and fear.

You will wake up tomorrow and not have driven a car whilst blacked out drunk.

You will wake up tomorrow remembering how you got to bed, who you are laying next to and you will be able to go to work and function like everybody else.

One day at a time.

  1. So true! It’s beyond even advertising, it’s so deeply ingrained into our society and culture. Alcohol is there to console us, to help us socialise, to mark special occasions, it’s a reason for people to come together. Imagine birthday parties, weddings, funerals, dinner parties, romantic dates without alcohol… it’s impossible. Without it, wouldn’t we feel like children, sitting there all quietly drinking our cokes?

    It is absolutely impossible to avoid, it surrounds us 24/7. Need to relax? Feeling tired? Lonely? Something to celebrate? Fancy that girl over there? Hard day at the office? Team just lost? Girls’ night out? Bored? Family gathering? Can’t switch off? New in town? Suffer from shyness? Something to prove? Want a night to remember? Want to have fun?

    Alcohol is the answer.

    It disgusts me if I’m honest, but this is the world I have chosen to live in.

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